Health coaching!


Get help with mental, physical, and nutritional health goals!

Health coaching is different than personal training, it’s more! We’ll use evidence-based behavior change techniques, strategies, and clinical interventions with the help of your healthcare providers, to aid you in reaching your wellness goals.

Basically, I’m like a Life Coach who’s health and wellness focused/specialized.

This is the most holistic service I offer!

Keep reading to find out how
Geek Girl Strong can train you in wellness & Magic...


Click here to schedule a FREE consultation talk session!

Free 30 minute consultations include:
Wellness evaluations, Assistance with goal setting, & Resource materials.


1-On-1 Health Coaching:

The Team-up
(3 Months) - $1,485

The Girl Wonder Program
(6 Months) - $2,865* (Save $105!)


Programs Include:

  • Monthly 60 minute talk sessions

    • Initial evaluation & reevaluations

    • Long & short term goal planning

  • Weekly 60 minute personal training sessions

  • Support between sessions

  • Session summaries sent to your inbox

  • Resource materials

All with a focus on:

  • Hit Points (Nutrition)

  • Experience Points (Physical Activity)

  • Magic/Mana Points (Mental Health)

Sessions Include:

  • Body Composition Assessment/Evaluation

    • With or without numerical values!

  • Physical-fitness Assessments

    • Baseline Resting Measurements

    • Cardiorespiratory Assessments

    • Balance Assessments

    • Muscular Tests

    • Basic Mobility Tests

  • Nutrition Education & Assistance

  • Exercise Programing

*Payment plan available for 6 month commitment.

Please click here to contact me with any pricing inquiries.