Health coaching


Get help with mental, physical, and nutritional health goals!


Keep reading to find out how
Geek Girl Strong can train you in wellness & Magic...


Programs Include:

  • Monthly 60 minute talk session
    • Initial evaluation & reevaluations
    • Long & short term goal planning
  • Weekly 60 minute personal training session
  • Support between sessions
  • Session summaries sent to your inbox
  • Resource materials
  • Incentives to continue the program even when things get tough
  • Body Composition Assessment/Evaluation
    • With or without numerical values!
  • Physical-fitness Assessments
    • Baseline Resting Measurements
    • Cardiorespiratory Assessments
    • Balance Assessments
    • Muscular Endurance Tests
    • Basic Mobility Tests
  • Nutrition Education & Programing Assistance
  • Exercise Programing
  • PDF Worksheets to aid lifestyle change

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Free 30 minute consultations include:
Wellness evaluations, Assistance with goal setting, & Resource materials.


Groups (2-8 People):

The Cameo
(3 Months)- $1,950*

The Assemble! Program
(6 months) - $3,700* (Best ka-boom for your buck!)
Payment plan available for 6 month commitment.

*For groups larger than 3 add $50 per person


The Team-up
(3 Months) - $1,350

The Girl Wonder Program
(6 Months) $2,500 (Best bang for your buck!)
Payment plan available for 6 month commitment.

For Groups:
All services and programs are offered to the whole group at one time, not each individual member of the group. All sessions will be in person.

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