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The following is a guest post from my fellow geeky fitness blogger and friend Mike Sweetman. Mike is a dad, teacher, yoga Instructor, life coach in training, and most importantly a massive geek! I am excited to have him share his thoughts with us, so let’s get started:



It's hard to believe that less than a year ago I thought that meditation was something weird that only monks and hippies did. Nowadays, I have a 10 minute meditation routine every morning and night. And I don't plan on ever stopping!

Meditation has made me better at listening to my daughters, better at realizing when I'm full and don't need to eat more food. Better at staying focused, and better at staying calm and collected like the Jedi knight I always wanted to be.

Get Started Young Padawan

I could write an entire blog post on how meditation is benefiting my life, but I'm much more excited to share with you how to get started changing your life with meditation. Andy Puddicombe a meditation expert (Think Yoda) suggests, in his TED Talk, that you don't need to sit on the floor or burn incense to meditate.  All you need to do is take ten minutes a day to focus on the present moment.

Andy actually helped me get started with meditation.  I mean not personally, but he is the voice behind the amazing meditation app Headspace. The first ten meditation sessions are completely free on the Headspace app, and awesome animated videos help introduce you to the world of meditation.  Plus Andy's voice guides you through the process, and gives you tips and recommendations along the way.

I believe the videos, and expert advice Andy gives during each meditation is well worth the monthly fee, and can help you change your reality.  I suggest you take your first steps to focusing your mind like a Jedi knight with Headspace.

Unlock Your Inner Hero

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Mark Divine is a retired Navy Seal commander that used meditation and yoga to focus himself for dangerous seal missions.  He now has several books including "The Unbeatable Mind" that shares how he was able to get through the arduous Navy Seal training, and how to overcome self-doubt to lead and succeed in life and business.

The most powerful of the meditation methods I have learned from Mark Divine is box breathing.  To box breathe you inhale for 5 seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, exhale for five seconds, and hold your breath again for 5 seconds, and repeat the process.  This technique alone is a fantastic way to meditate, but to really unlock your inner hero, you can try thinking positive affirmations during the time you are holding your breath.

So breathe in for five seconds, think of something positive, breathe out for five seconds, again think something positive, and repeat.


Your positive affirmations could be all about your weight loss goals such as "I can and will stop eating sugar!" They could be about improving your self-esteem, such as, "I will not listen to my self-doubt." Think about your goals, and turn those into affirmations.  Don't have any goals written down goals? Well that is an entirely different blog post! But if your looking for ideas, please consider checking out The Healthy Habits Quest by clicking here.


Thank You!

Thanks to Robyn for letting me share my thoughts on meditation with you.  It can change your life, just don't expect it to happen all at once. And it would be great if you would checkout my up and coming Youtube channel.

Photo Credit: Yoda by JD via Flickr