An e-mailed message to a client (That maybe can help you too)

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For the last few days I was going through a rough patch. Feeling overwhelm, having nightmares, STRESSED! I'm sharing that because I want you to know that even though things are going a lot better for me than they were just a year ago... I still fall apart sometimes. I think that's a part of why I find life easier to handle these days though, because something will ALWAYS fall apart. That's the thing about life, things fall apart, it's the natural state of everything. The last falling apart being death (at least that we know of). So, I guess I just wanted to tell you that it is OK if you feel like everything is horrible sometimes, maybe at that moment, most things are.

Having a good support system, giving yourself a moment to question "Is EVERYTHING really falling apart? Or is it just my state of mind right now? Which is malleable. How many times have things fallen apart?" Then think on a time when everything felt like it was just taken right from underneath you, then realize that you are here to look back on that.

That's what I am doing this morning. Last night I made my to-do list for today (and the next few days). This morning I made myself some breakfast (eggs, broccoli leftover from last night, avocado, and chai tea with honey and almond milk) in "JAMAICA" booty shorts and one of my favorite flannels. I listened to a podcast I find inspirational, looked through twitter for a bit, then put on the ESM (Electric Study Music) Spotify playlist and am currently typing this e-mail to you.

I am not sure yet where the line for personal stories is between coach and client but I know that what really gets through to me... is a person, not a product or even an idea, it is who is presenting the idea that I always want to know more about. So, here's a little bit of me and my day so far.