Achievements (Unlocked) - Long term goals. Become unlocked when client has reach that specific goal. Usually takes 6 months onward to complete.

Badges - Made by Geeky & Creepy and given to client upon the unlocking of achievements.

Boss Fight - The month after the 6 month program is completed. Stormy STILL checks in on clients to see if they have maintained their new lifestyles.

Hidden Level - Small additions to Quests that enhance knowledge.

Insert More Coins - Penalty for missing any four scheduled sessions. Client must pay to continue service.

"Listen!" - A Quest that needs additional attention. It is most likely the most important quest you currently have.

Lives - In RL, you have one of them, which you are improving upon. In GGS, you have three of them, mess up again and you must Insert More Coins.

Power-up - Resource(s) to help you complete Quests and Achievements.

Quests - Short term goals. These lead to the unlocking of Achievements. Usually take days to 6 months to complete.

Re-spawnClients receive this e-mail when they have missed any three scheduled sessions. Results in a reevaluation of their program, quests and achievements (those unlocked and still locked).

Stages - Found within certain Quests that have more than one aspect or challenge.

Training - Word originally used by a client in place of "working-out".

Utility Belt - The list of methods/skills you will collect during your program.

Wrong way! - Clients receive this e-mail when they have missed any two scheduled sessions.